Low-cost pressure sensor is rugged and lightweight

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Low-cost pressure sensor is rugged and lightweightVariohm EuroSensor's low-cost EPT2105 pressure sensor is said to have lowered the price barrier for 0-20bar pressure measurement applications in demanding environments. The sensor features a piezoresistive measuring cell and integrated high-output ratiometric circuitry in a lightweight and durable moulded ABS plastic housing - with straightforward installation ensured thanks to its industry-standard M18 port and a Packard Metri-Pack 150 series connector. The EPT2105 is already proven in the competitive and demanding automotive industry, with applications that include pneumatic suspension systems; through the economy of volume manufacturing, the EPT2105 is available for use in other OEM markets.

The EPT2105 is available in four standard pressure ranges of 0 to 6, 10, 16 and 20bar. Environmental ratings include IP66 sealing, an operating temperature range of -40 to +125degC, heavy-duty shock protection to 100 'g' (11ms, 1/2 sine) and vibration rating of 16 'g' peak (20-2000Hz). The supply voltage is a nominal 5V DC for a 0.5 to 4.5V DC ratiometric output. The high-reliability sensor has a 10million pressure cycle rating, protection against short circuits and reverse voltage, and overrange pressure of 20bar and burst pressure of 30bar.

Stainless steel and other options

Variohm EuroSensor's EPT series pressure transducers are also available in 304 grade stainless steel housings for pressure ranges from 0-0.25bar to 0-4000bar. A wide choice of excitation and output voltages is also available, with customised designs, combined pressure/temperature versions, alternative interconnection, and many other options.

The EPT2015 and EPT series pressure sensors are aimed at demanding high-volume applications in industry, automotive, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, HVAC, hydraulic equipment, refrigeration and elsewhere. Contact Variohm EuroSensor for more information about these sensors.

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