Packaged compression load cell makes force sensing affordable

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Packaged compression load cell makes force sensing affordableVariohm EuroSensor is introducing a new packaged compression load cell from Measurement Specialities Inc (MEAS) that combines MEMS strain gauge sensor technology with high-volume manufacturing techniques. The result of this is low-cost force sensing for a new class of 'smart' consumer appliances, business equipment and medical products.

Available in four standard load ranges from 0-44N to 0-444N, the FX1901 load cell features a compact 'coin cell' package of less than 30mm diameter with a button-style concentrator tip and anti-rotational mounting. With a typical 5V DC excitation voltage, the load cell has a ratiometric span of 20mV/V, a zero force output of +/-15mV and an accuracy of just 1 per cent of span.

Typical applications for this device include appliance payload and balance monitoring for domestic washers and dryers, power and user weight indication for chiropractic and exercise equipment, load feedback for patient hoists and physical therapy devices, hand tool force output, and many more where force sensing may have been considered prohibitively costly in the past.

The FX1901 employs MEAS' specially developed Microfused piezoresistive strain gauge technology, which has been tried and tested in demanding applications such as aerospace. The process fuses the micro-machined strain gauge with high-temperature glass and a stainless steel force measuring flexure. Eliminating the age-sensitive organic epoxies used in traditional load cell designs, the technology provides exceptional long-term span and zero stability, low noise, high over-range, high reliability and an essentially unlimited cycle life.

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