Redesigned torque flange offers improved dynamic performance

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Redesigned torque flange offers improved dynamic performanceHBM is launching the T40FM torque flange that can measure torques of up to 80kNm to meet the increased requirements for torque measurement in test benches. The T40FM torque flange features a redesigned rotor and new digital rotor and stator electronics to ensure greater precision and reproducibility in roller, diesel engine or transmission test benches. Improvements in the design of the measuring body have provided greater all-round stiffness while also reducing the mass and the mass moment of inertia.

Improving the radial stiffness has given good bending vibration properties and the very high torsional stiffness, combined with the low mass moment of inertia, produces a better natural torsion frequency. During dynamic measurement, this feature enables further expansion of resonance frequency up to higher values.

The T40FM's rotor benefits from the same dimensions as its predecessor, the T10FM. This ensures backward-compatibility while making it easier to exchange units in existing applications. The torque flange is very short to save on test bench construction space and costs. High lateral forces are permissible so that any additional machine elements can be attached directly. The entire construction is well protected to avoid failure trough accidental damage.

HBM says the T40FM features a special sigma-delta converter to digitise and transmit measured values from the rotor to the stator. The use of digital transmissions ensures immunity from noise without any loss of data, even in those applications where EMC is critical. A special A/D conversion – combined with the high sampling rate of 38,125 measured values per second – safely prevents internal aliasing effects.

The torque flange stator features a TMC interface that facilitates communication with the TIM40 interface module to support various fieldbuses, such as CAN, Profibus-DP or EtherCAT, enabling simple and flexible integration into existing test benches.

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