Digital flow transmitters are designed to be future-proof

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Digital flow transmitters are designed to be future-proofBurkert Fluid Control Systems is introducing new Element Type 8026, 8036 and 8076 digital flow transmitters as the latest additions to its Element family of modular stainless steel products for process measurement and control. The new transmitters are robust (IP65/67 washdown-resistant), aesthetic, clean-line products offering enhanced technical features such as future-proofed system architecture and software, removable programmable backlit displays, and simplified programming via a joystick.

The Element flow transmitters are available in three configurations, Basic to Advanced, to meet all OEM and user budgetary requirements. The Basic unit has one 4-20mA signal output and an NPN transistor output, while the most advanced unit has two NPN/PNP transistor outputs and two 4-20mA outputs. Importantly, both units comply with the stringent UL safety standards and provide long-lasting and reliable protection to IP65/IP67. In addition, the stainless steel housings are durable and resistant to cleaning chemicals, as well as enhancing the appearance of any system. These features make the flow transmitters suitable not only for use in water treatment and process automation, but also in food and beverage, dairy, brewing, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Removable displays

Burkert's innovative operating concept for the Element series of flow transmitters includes removable displays that are programmable and equipped with backlighting for easier operation. All customer-specific settings - such as the measuring range, units of measurement, pulse output and filters - are configured directly at the device. The programming itself is achieved via a joystick; by moving this horizontally and vertically, lines and rows are selected and activated; pressing the joystick sets the parameters, defines and saves configurations and starts the unit.

The clean-line stainless steel housings of the Element series integrate a future-proof system architecture, with a new processor and new software to optimise the performance of the transmitter sensors. To guarantee maximum reliability and quality, the same circuits are used for conductivity and pH/ORP measurement as those used in Burkert's proven Element Type 8222 and 8202 transmitters.

Contact Burkert for more information about its Element Type 8026, 8036 and 8076 digital flow transmitters, or use the form on this page.

26 July 2011

Burkert Fluid Control Systemsvisit website
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