EMM-VS Series cylindrical roller bearings for vibrating machines

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EMM-VS Series cylindrical roller bearings for vibrating machinesNSK is introducing the EMM-VS Series cylindrical roller bearings for vibrating machines. The bearings have a 30 per cent higher load rating compared to conventional CRB products and offer up to twice the bearing life. These performance advantages mean that, in many applications, bearings can be downsized to reduce costs without affecting equipment performance or bearing life.

EMM-VS series bearings are available in standard ISO sizes and are designed for use in gearboxes, gear drives and in steelmaking equipment. They feature a special outer ring-guided, one-piece machined brass cage that gives higher strength and rigidity under vibrating conditions, plus the additional benefits of improved wear life and resistance to corrosion.

The one-piece VS-series brass cage ensures accurate guidance of the rollers via special cage pocket profiling, thereby reducing harmful skewing of the rollers. In addition, large cage pocket corners relieve stress concentrations on the cage. Combined, these features reduce thermal effects within the bearings and help minimise resonance from induced vibrations.

NSK says the cage pocket design also improves grease or oil flow within the cage pockets, and the resulting improved dispersion of lubricant delivers the additional benefit of dampening noise.

The synergy of the EMM-VS series design is completed by a special crowning of the bearing rollers; this eliminates stress concentrations at the roller ends, thereby helping the bearings to accommodate heavy loads and provide a longer operating life. The same feature also enables the bearings to cope with misalignment between shaft and housings, effectively addressing another key area where damaging stress concentrations may occur.

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