E2 energy-efficient double-row angular-contact ball bearings

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E2 energy-efficient double-row angular-contact ball bearingsSKF is launching E2 energy-efficient double-row angular-contact ball bearings. The innovative SKF E2 DRACBB bearings have been specifically engineered and manufactured to reduce frictional moment by at least 30 per cent compared with standard bearings.

Double-row angular-contact ball bearings are typically used in pumps, compressors, motors and transmission applications, as well as general machinery. The latest E2 versions will help OEMs improve the design of new, energy-efficient machinery, while enabling end users to benefit from reduced energy consumption and extended service intervals.

The E2 bearings have an optimised internal geometry, use heat-resistant fibre-reinforced Polyamide 6.6 cages, are filled with special low-friction grease and are capped on both sides of each bearing with steel shields. This offers a reduction in mechanical friction and enables the bearing to run cooler than standard bearings at equivalent loads and speeds. Depending on the operating conditions, the bearings can have a frictional moment that is at least 30 per cent lower than for standard bearings and in some applications 50 per cent or more, while operating temperatures can be up to 30degC cooler, depending on speed. This improved performance provides additional benefits, including longer grease life and extended relubrication intervals, thereby further reducing maintenance and running costs.

The latest SKF E2 double-row angular-contact ball bearings are available with bore sizes between 20mm and 60mm, and they are dimensionally interchangeable with standard or less efficient designs, making it easy to upgrade. They are designed for use at operating temperatures from -50degC to +150degC.

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