HMS series ball screws offer high performance and low noise

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HMS series ball screws offer high performance and low noiseNSK is launching the HMS series ball screws, which will be unveiled at the EMO trade fair, for customers in the tool industry placing higher demands on linear drive systems in terms of traverse rates, precision and low noise.

High traverse rates can best be achieved by using ball screws with a large lead; however, high precision and accurate positioning are best attained by selecting a small lead.

NSK says it has now succeeded in achieving both goals: the new HMS series consists of high-speed ball screws that can achieve a maximum dn of 160,000. The newly developed ball recirculation system makes a significant contribution towards this. The ball screws also achieve high precision and exceptionally low noise. The HMS series is therefore suitable for applications such as low-noise, high-performance machine tools.

In practice, the improved design reduces the noise level by more than 6db(A). The human ear perceives this as a reduction of almost 50 per cent. The frequency range of the noise is also subjectively considered to be easier on the ear. Another important factor is the rigidity, which is claimed to be significantly higher than that of comparable ball screws from this performance class.

HMS ball screws are available with spindle diameters of 40, 45 and 50mm and leads of 8 (dia 45), 10 (dia 40, 50) and 12mm (dia 40, 50). Machine manufacturers also have a choice of cooling system: either conventional spindle cooling via a hollow shaft or the integrated nut cooling mechanism developed by NSK in 2010. This new cooling system is said to be more cost-effective and offers better performance than conventional cooling because the drive is only cooled at the specific points where high temperatures arise due to friction. Two HMS systems can also be connected to create a high-precision tandem drive system.

With these features, NSK HMS ball screws are highly suitable for use in precision and high-speed machine tools - hence the unveiling scheduled for the EMO trade fair, which runs in Hannover from 19-24 September 2011. NSK will be in Hall 7, Stand B16. Alternatively, contact NSK now for more information about the HMS series ball screws.

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