Frame grabbers handle inputs from four GigE cameras

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Frame grabbers handle inputs from four GigE camerasStemmer Imaging is introducing the Silicon Software microEnable IV AQ4-GE and VQ4-GE frame grabbers. These FPGA-based GigE frame grabbers can accommodate up to four GigE cameras simultaneously. The on-board FPGA provides real-time image processing, thereby reducing significantly the load on the host CPU. Both frame grabbers are also available in PoE (Power Over Ethernet) versions. The microEnable IV AQ4-GE is described as a simple-to-use acquisition board that, through standard AcquisitionApplets, provides simple FPGA processing functions. This allows processes such as flat field corrections and high-quality colour reconstructions from raw Bayer data to be carried out at high speed without any complex set-up.

The VQ4-GE offers the added versatility of providing extended FPGA image processing using VisualApplets and SmartApplets. SmartApplets allow application-specific image processing sequences to be loaded to the FPGA from pre-programmed designs, while VisualApplets is a software tool for programming powerful customised image processing tasks into executable hardware code for the FPGA from a library of more than 200 basic and complex image processing operators.

Various 'add-on' boards are also available for the AQ4-GE and VQ4-GE to extend the range of image acquisition, processing and signal processing. PixelPlant features an additional vision processor, memory and digital I/O for even more complex image processing tasks, and is accessed through a high bandwidth interface. The Trigger digital I/O interface enables the integration of peripheral devices such as conveyor encoders or light source controllers.

Follow the link for more information about the Silicon Software microEnable IV AQ4-GE and VQ4-GE frame grabbers.

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