Common Vision Blox 2011 for Windows 64-Bit

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Common Vision Blox 2011 for Windows 64-BitStemmer Imaging is releasing Common Vision Blox 2011 for Windows 64-Bit. This new software library for imaging professionals supports the 64-Bit version of Microsoft Windows 7 and includes the Automated Imaging Association (AIA) certified CVB GenICam driver, which is compatible with the latest GenICam version.

Common Vision Blox 2011 for Windows 64-Bit is optimised for memory-intensive applications and supports the latest acquisition technologies with maximum performance. In addition it offers flexible access to image data for implementation of users' own algorithms in order to get the best performance out of modern computer architectures. The basic software not only contains a very capable Software Development Kit for the generation of individual imaging applications, but also fundamental functionality for image acquisition, image access, image display, co-ordinate transformation and image normalisation.

The new release is complemented by the CVB 2011 Foundation Package. This includes a collection of highly optimised algorithms for edge and blob detection, statistical image analysis, arithmetic image operations, image calibration and filtering, dynamic thresholding, colour space conversion and colour filtering, and many other powerful features. The very powerful basic functionalities of the package can be extended by a variety of modular tools with specific algorithms. For additional security, Common Vision Blox 2011 is protected by a dongle.

Stemmer Imaging says the new 64-Bit version is the first member of the new Common Vision Blox 2011 MultiOS family that will soon be completed by a 32-Bit version, a Linux 64-Bit version and the MultiOS version of the very popular independent SDK CVB CameraSuite.

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