New general-purpose and specialised Scara robots

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Omron is launching a new range of Scara robots comprising more than 70 models. Designed for pick-and-place, materials handling and assembly applications, the new Scara robots are an important addition to Omron's product portfolio and will further extend the company's capabilities for providing versatile, efficient and cost-effective integrated automation systems. The new robots are available in versions with maximum payload capacity from 1kg to 50kg, and with arm reaches from 120mm to 1200mm.

In addition to general-purpose models, the range features special versions optimised for use in critical environments in the food, pharmaceutical and other sectors. These include IP65 dust- and drip-proof types, and models for C10 clean room applications. The scope of the range is further extended by the inclusion of wall- and ceiling-mounted models.

Key features of the new robots are high reliability and minimal maintenance requirements. XG-series models in particular, which are available with payload capacities from 1kg to 20kg, incorporate new technology that eliminates drive belts and the need to mount electrical and electronic components on moving parts of the robot. This enables them to deliver exceptional levels of performance and reliability in demanding applications.

Omron says the new Scara robots are easy to program using convenient software tools and a teaching pendant. To further reduce programming time, the software tools include an extensive set of function libraries and ready-to-use program modules. As an aid to easy integration, option cards are available to allow connection to Ethernet, Profibus and DeviceNet networks.

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27 September 2011

Omron Electronics Limitedvisit website
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