Schmidt-Kupplung shaft couplings available from Abssac

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Schmidt-Kupplung shaft couplings available from AbssacAbssac is supplying Schmidt-Kupplung shaft couplings, which complement the company's already extensive range of shaft couplings.

Depending on the application requirements, Abssac can supply Schmidt-Kupplung shaft couplings as high-performance standard items, couplings adapted to a particular sector, or designs tailored to specific applications. Interestingly, the couplings' modular construction enables both torque capacity and radial offset to be readily optimised for each application. For example, it is possible to accommodate a parallel shaft offset of 275mm in an overall shaft coupling length of 284mm (this is with the Offset Plus V3300 series). Abssac says that no other shaft coupling design can provide a comparable ratio of parallel shaft offset to overall length.

Reliably transmitting torque at a constant angular velocity (homokinetic motion) from 35Nm to 6610Nm, through needle bearings with internal lubrication, the well-balanced design can be utilised in any transmission design where high torque, high shaft offset and small DBSE (distance between shaft ends) are required.

Applications for Schmidt-Kupplung shaft couplings

Schmidt-Kupplung shaft couplings are classic products for extreme parallel offsets of up to 275mm; these torsionally stiff, well-balanced shaft couplings compensate for variable parallel shaft offsets without side loads on the driving or driven shaft, all within a very compact envelope. Typical applications for these couplings include woodworking machines, roll forming machines, high-quality printing machines, packaging machines and paper manufacturing machines. In fact the design can be utilised in any transmission design where there is high torque, high shaft offset and a small DBSE. The precision coupling transmits homokinetic torque at all possible offsets. Peter Wright, the Schmidt Kupplung sales engineer at Abssac, comments: "Engineers need not reinvent the wheel with their transmission challenges. There are 2D and 3D CAD format drawings available for all model types."

Other models of Schmidt-Kupplung shaft coupling

Controlflex shaft couplings are suitable for use with shaft encoders, accommodating all types of misalignment with very low restoring forces and low stress on the encoder bearings at constant angular velocity.

Controlflex Splus shaft couplings are designed for highly dynamic applications such as those driven by servo motors and stepper motors. Extremely compact dimensions combined with a small moment of inertia gives the backlash-free couplings distinct advantages for dynamic applications characterised by high-acceleration start-stop cycles and acute positioning accuracy.

Semiflex couplings are torsionally stiff, precise and backlash-free. They also require little axial space, compensate for misalignment without restoring forces and transmit torque between shafts in situations where shaft alignment cannot be guaranteed.

Loewe GK couplings feature high axial stiffness and multiple shaft connections, making them suitable for torque applications requiring resistance to axial motion. The mix of kinematic properties enables this type of shaft coupling to accommodate much radial and angular misalignment.

Omniflex couplings offer high universal shaft misalignment compensation with compact dimensions. This torsionally stiff and robust coupling is purpose-designed for maximum torque requirements and tough cycle operations.

Follow the link for more information and to watch a short video about Schmidt-Kupplung shaft couplings, or call Abssac, the sole UK distributor, on +44 (0)1386 421005.

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