New BGL infrared Fork Sensor for fluid detection in tubes

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New BGL infrared Fork Sensor for fluid detection in tubesBalluff is introducing a BGL Fork Sensor for fluid detection. This infrared Fork Sensor is suitable for detecting the level of clear, coloured or turbid fluids with a water content >15 per cent through transparent walls. Fluids such as milk, household cleaners, viscous detergents and tomato ketchup cause no problem for this compact sensor.

Applications that would normally be difficult for ultrasonic or standard capacitive sensors can be handled by the BGL Fork Sensors. Detecting fluids in small transparent hoses with a diameter of 6mm or smaller is also no problem. Thin residues that adhere to the container wall (up to a thickness of 0.5mm) can be compensated for by means of a potentiometer that sets the sensitivity.

Available with fork openings of 30mm and 80mm, these ultrasonic fork sensors are housed in a rugged IP67 metal enclosure. The sensors have a switching frequency of 2kHz and are available with NPN or PNP outputs. The BGL Fork Sensor has a three-pin M8 connection and standard through-holes for mounting. Custom-made brackets are not required, as there is a sensor holder available from the new Balluff BMS universal mounting system.

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