New laser through-beam and fixed-focus mini-opto sensors

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New laser through-beam and fixed-focus mini-opto sensorsBalluff is introducing new models in the BOS Q08M series of miniature photoelectric sensors, saying that these products are notable for their rugged, block-style metal housings and their compact dimensions. They are suitable for use wherever components with light weight, small footprint and high switching precision are demanded, such as on robot gripper arms and mini-grippers. New in this mini-opto family are a laser through-beam and fixed-focus versions.

With a Class 1 rating, the laser through-beam sensor reliably detects parts as small as 0.28mm across, making it suitable for demanding positioning tasks. The sensor features a tightly bundled laser beam and a working range of up to 3m.

The new FixFocus version is based on the latest pinpoint technology and is said to be easy to place in service with its sensing range fixed at 50mm. The directed light beam permits exact positioning and prevents mutual interference when sensors are located close together. Thanks to an extremely low grey value shift, the sensor detects objects regardless of their colour, shape or surface composition. Objects outside the detection range are reliably ignored.

Balluff says the laser through-beam sensor has a normally-open function with a PNP output. The FixFocus version is available with NPN or PNP output, light-on or dark-on switching, and with cable or pigtail. A three-pin M8 connector is also available.

Clever clamp

There is also a new patented clamp for fast, flush-mount positioning of the 8 x 8mm sensors in aluminium profiles. The holder is simply inserted into the slot from above and fixed in place by turning a screw. Thanks to its secure attachment, it enables the sensors to be used in locations previously restricted to fork sensors, particularly when suitable intermediate sizes were not available.

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