High-accuracy magnetic linear encoder has zero hysteresis

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High-accuracy magnetic linear encoder has zero hysteresisBalluff is promoting its incremental BML Magnetic Linear Encoder that it claims is the first hysteresis-free magnetic tape system, offering exceptional accuracy and resolution. The BML system can therefore be used instead of optical measuring systems. Typical applications are those where travel needs to be measured, including linear drives, laser cutting equipment, machine building and printing systems.

Magnetic linear encoder systems from Balluff consist of a sensor head and a magnetically encoded tape with alternating polarity up to 48m long. The sensor head passes over the tape at a distance of 0.35mm.

The new BML S1F is claimed to have the smallest sensor head of any currently available linear encoder system. The complete electronics circuitry is built into the compact, rugged metal sensor housing, meaning that it can be used where space is restricted, either longitudinally or diagonally, linearly, rotating on a radius, and with or without a reference point. Equipment design is thereby simplified, creating new possibilities for design engineers.

Users can choose the output to be an interpolated digital square wave signal at 5V (RS422) or a 1Vpp sinusoidal analogue signal in real time. Resolution is as fine as 1um with a system accuracy of up to +/-10um. Traverse speeds up to 20m/s are permitted.

Application advantages

Since the system is magnetic, it is also insensitive to temperature changes, dirt and contamination from dust and oil, and it is also wear-free. Noise has also been accounted for, as the electronics are well protected against electromagnetic interference.

Users will benefit in a variety of areas by using the BML S1F. The outstanding high-linearity and system accuracy in combination with zero hysteresis ensure quiet running of drive trains. The universally applicable system, directly installed, improves significantly the quality of control of the driven axes and, thereby, the quality of the final product. And because the information is available in real time, the system speeds up production and increases throughput.

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