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Machine condition monitoring with Windows Mobile compatibilitySKF is launching SKF Microlog Inspector, the next-generation SKF Marlin inspection system, providing the ability to manage workflow and data collection effectively within and between different plant disciplines through one easy-to-use handheld device. The system is compatible with most Windows Mobile portable devices, enabling existing handhelds to be used, if required, when performing process and quality inspections essential for operational efficiency across a range of manufacturing industries.

The SKF Microlog Inspector is an independent application that can be installed on many Windows Mobile portable computers for collecting data on plant operation for analysis on predictive and preventative maintenance, safety, inspections, condition monitoring and contractors. Additionally, this powerful new inspection system can be applied in work scheduling, environmental, occupational health and safety administration inspections, and other regulatory and safety requirements, documenting inspection data for compliance reporting and audits.

In addition, the application links to the SKF @ptitude Inspector software package where data can be further analysed, reported and shared across the entire plant-wide SKF @ptitude Asset Management System.

Data types

The SKF Microlog Inspector can collect data relating to velocity, acceleration, temperature and FFT via a wireless machine condition detector. Routine collection of vibration data during inspection rounds makes critical machine data available immediately and the intuitive user-interface provides prompts for corrective actions when alarm levels are triggered.

SKF says the application is also useful for an Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) programme, using automated technologies to record observations of machine performance and process parameter inspections as well as critical machine conditions. This type of plant monitoring can improve reliability, safety and communication within a plant-wide team.

By supporting communication over a LAN, USB, WiFi and even cellular data network (3G/GPRS) connection, the SKF Microlog Inspector can transfer data to a remote computer anywhere in the world via a cloud server. In addition to plant-wide sharing of data, this also allows for the optimum management of plant personnel. For example, the collection and transfer of FFTs can take place in the background while operators perform other routine inspections. This machine data can then be reviewed by experienced maintenance engineers.

SKF Microlog Inspector is available in a range of complete kits (as a system that includes portable computer and usual ancillary items), or just as a single device licence application only.

In the fast moving world of manufacturing, the introduction of the versatile SKF Microlog Inspector will enable manufacturers in many industries to optimise their maintenance and operations staff by providing the capability to collect and remotely transfer data around the world.

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