Laser instruments simplify shaft alignment processes

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Laser instruments simplify shaft alignment processesSKF is introducing the TKSA 60 and TKSA 80 shaft alignment tools that use the latest laser technology to achieve pin-point accuracy. Designed for quick and easy use, the tools offer a built-in step-by-step alignment process that can help significantly cut machinery breakdowns, ultimately leading to improved reliability and performance of rotating machines, as well as increased productivity and profitability.

Correct alignment of shafts in both horizontal and vertical planes is important in rotating machinery components, such as bearings and shafts. The new TKSA 60 and TKSA 80 provide precision alignment that effectively eliminates machine vibration and noise, therefore reducing the stress placed on couplings, bearings and seals. The smooth running of rotating machinery used in many applications, including coupled shafts, pumps, motors, mixers, gearboxes and compressors, will considerably reduce energy consumption and increase life span, ensuring a quick return on investment for this instrument.

In comparison with traditional methods of shaft alignment, the new compact TKSA devices offer technicians a fail-safe method through a series of built-in, predefined steps necessary to perform the alignment process in the most effective and efficient sequence. This procedure takes into account the preparation, inspection, evaluation, correction, reporting and, finally, the analysis aspects to produce satisfactory alignment in the shortest possible time.

User-friendly features

Both the TKSA 60 and TKSA 80 incorporate clear and easy-to-understand function symbols and use built-in wireless technology that can reference information to store machine alignment setup data, thereby saving valuable time in subsequent use. Both devices feature swap view graphics that correspond with the user's position from either side of the machine and display real-time configuration values, allowing the results of alignment corrections to be seen as they are being performed. The instruments record horizontal and vertical alignment, as well as an energy efficiency indicator.

For applications requiring a greater degree of functionality and feedback, the TKSA 80 has a larger, seven-inch colour touchscreen with extra standard alignment programs, including multiple machine train alignment jobs, an enhanced database and fast template storage capability.

Developed for universal use, these latest alignment tools can prevent errors caused by ineffective alignment practices through a process of clear, uncomplicated and predetermined task sequencing that operators will find simple and effective to carry out.

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