Latest Stabilus gas springs and dampers offer new features

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Latest Stabilus gas springs and dampers offer new featuresSKF's latest range of Stabilus gas springs and dampers has been developed to give engineers a wide range of options for designing safe, reliable and cost-effective systems for lifting bonnets, hatches, windows and seats. Stabilus gas springs and dampers are constructed for use in the most demanding applications, making them suitable for use in construction, agricultural and forestry machines; they are are available in a wide choice of configurations and incorporate a number of innovative features to improve function and operation.

The latest Stabilus Lift-O-Mat hydro-pneumatic gas springs are designed for use in high-load applications, where large panels need to be lifted or lowered in a carefully controlled manner. The Lift-O-Mat system offers dynamic extension damping, providing a gradual reduction in operating speed at either end of the stroke to reduce shock and wear on hinges or panel joints. This is achieved either by the use of a gas-filled pressure tube with a longitudinally grooved piston, for medium weight duties or, for heavier duty applications, the use of hydraulic extension dampening. The latter combines gas- and oil-filled internal chambers with a patented labyrinth design of piston, enabling the degree of dampening to be adapted automatically as the piston moves from the gas to the oil phase.

Also in the latest range are Stab-O-Shoc hydraulic dampers that are designed to provide effective motion and vibration dampening and control - for example, on operator seats, trailer couplings and V-belt tensioners. Available in a number of configurations for vertical or horizontal mounting, Stab-O-Shoc units provide instant and efficient dampening, with the option of symmetrical force distribution under tension and compression, or the ability to set tension and compression forces independently.

Other products in the latest Stabilus range include the Hydro-Lift gas spring, which is similar to Lift-O-Mat but with a valve incorporated into the spring unit. This eliminates the need for additional stop mechanisms, enabling the unit to be locked safely in the compression position, even under conditions of varying load. Similarly, the Elektro-Lift gas spring provides excellent lift control, with the additional feature of an integrated sliding switch to allow it to transfer 12v/25A currents to bonnets or boot lids, providing a connection for lighting, heating or windscreen wipers, for example.

All products are manufactured in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 and are fully supported by the SKF and Stabilus sales and technical teams.

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