DRM4000L Dead Reckoning Module is smaller and lighter

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DRM4000L Dead Reckoning Module is smaller and lighterETLG Ltd (Inertial Aerosystems) is introducing the Honeywell DRM4000L Dead Reckoning Module as the latest addition to its magnetics range, This model supersedes the DRM4000 and, as with the earlier model, the DRM4000L is suitable for incorporating within devices used by personnel on foot to provide continuous, gap-free, position location, with or without an external GPS, so the user can ascertain their position relative to an initialisation point.

Compared with the DRM4000, however, the Honeywell DRM4000L offers improved performance and reliability, and a reduced power consumption of 250mW (down from 350mW). Furthermore, the introduction of three digital rate gyros in a single package to replace the previous three single analog rate gyros, together with improved manufacturing processes, mean that a single PCB can be used instead of the previous three-board design, leading to a significant reduction in size and weight.

When GPS data is available, the dead reckoning sensors are automatically calibrated continuously; when GPS is unavailable, the gyros, accelerometers, magnetometers, temperature and barometric altimeter sensors of the dead reckoning module are used to determine position. Patented motion classification algorithms (SmartPedometry) enables the unit to distinguish between walking, running, side-stepping, and walking backwards. A barometric altimeter provides vertical positioning, accurate to 1.5m, which is enough to discriminate between different floors in a building. The DRM4000L also boasts a horizontal accuracy of 2 per cent of distance travelled, independent of time, and one-degree compass azimuth accuracy with a resolution of 0.1degree. An optional Development Kit includes an enclosure, complete with GPS receiver and antenna, plus interfaces and development software.

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23 November 2011

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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