TKES 10 endoscopes are compact and easy to use

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TKES 10 endoscopes are compact and easy to useSKF is launching the TKES 10 endoscopes that are described as high-quality, portable, compact, easy to use, and multi-functional. They are suitable for internal inspection of a wide range of machinery, providing fast inspection with functions such as snapshot, video recording, picture and video review on a compact LCD display backlit screen. Combined, these features enable maintenance technicians to investigate machine condition quickly and accurately with minimum downtime.

Each TKES 10 series endoscope features a high-resolution miniature camera, with up to 2x digital zoom, that provides a clear and sharp full-screen image via a one-metre insertion tube. The 5.8mm tip diameter camera is able to show a wide field of view and is available in three variations, with a flexible, semi-rigid or articulated tip. The tube can even be inserted in water and most lubricant oils, and is protected to IP67. In addition, a side-view adaptor enables the inspection of awkward applications such as pipe walls.

The endoscope's compact display unit comes with a 90mm screen and is equipped with a powerful variable LED light source, making it suitable for inspections in dark spaces. JPEG 640 x 480 pixel images and ASF 320 x 240 pixel videos can be saved and recalled, downloaded to a PC and shared. The unit's 2GB SD memory card can store up to 50,000 photos or 120 minutes of video.

A 3.7V li-polymer battery provides an operational life of up to four hours between charges and can be used on machinery working in a range of temperatures between -20 and +60degC. To facilitate ease of use, all models feature a magnetic and tripod-mounting thread for hands-free operation and are supplied in a sturdy carrying case with all necessary cables, a universal mains charger and a cleaning kit. Longer flexible and semi-rigid insertion tubes are available as optional accessories.

The TKES 10 series endoscopes incorporate the latest technology and design features for improved reliability and performance.

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