Jaw shaft couplings stocked with pre-machined bores and keyways

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Jaw shaft couplings stocked with pre-machined bores and keywaysAbssac has invested heavily in stock of both hubs and spiders for HKK jaw shaft couplings. These are low-cost, versatile and reliable shaft couplings in steel, cast iron or aluminium. Importantly, the hubs are stocked with pre-machined bores and keyways to suit shaft diameters from 6mm to 60mm, or they can be supplied pilot-bored.

Rated from 10Nm up to 665Nm, HKK jaw shaft couplings are said to be a direct replacement for other industrial jaw-type couplings. Larger sizes are available on request.

Each curved-jaw HKK coupling comprises an elastic 'spider' and two hubs. The spider, which is moulded from an advanced polyurethane material, provides damping of impulse loads, thereby minimising the transmission of shock to the motor. These spiders enable users to customise the jaw coupling's performance: selecting a soft spider gives the jaw coupling the greatest damping characteristics, while a hard spider provides greater torque capacity.

Furthermore, HKK jaw shaft couplings may be used as fail-safe devices, in that drive will continue to be transmitted by the hubs, even in the event of spider failure.

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