New Kikusui TOS5300 hipot and insulation resistance testers

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New Kikusui TOS5300 hipot and insulation resistance testersTelonic Instruments is introducing a new range of Kikusui TOS5300 Hipot (flash) and Insulation Resistance testers. The three models in the range are designed for use in withstanding voltage and insulation resistance testing to help ensure the safety of electrical and electronic components and equipment.

A notable feature of the Kikusui TOS5300 instruments is that they incorporate an innovative PWM amplifier that achieves high stability and has an input voltage regulation of 0.3 per cent. The instruments offer control over the rise and fall time for the test voltage and a stable output that is unaffected by variations in mains voltage, plus users can set the test frequency to 50 or 60Hz. Upper and lower current limits can be set between 0.01mA and 110mA in AC mode and between 0.01mA and 11mA in DC mode. AC test voltages can be set from 0.05kV to 5kV, while DC test voltages can be set from 0 to 6kV.

There are three models in this versatile range:

  1. TOS5300 - for AC voltage testing up to 5kV
  2. TOS5301 - with AC and DC withstanding voltage test capability for AC up to 5kV and DC up to 6kV
  3. TOS5302 - with 5kV AC withstanding voltage test capability, plus an insulation test function with test voltages from 25V to 1000V

All models operate from any global AC input voltages and frequencies, and all are equipped with a USB interface. They also benefit from easy-to-use controls and a large LCD panel. These testers weigh approximately 15kg and measure between 330 x 150mm and 420 x 330mm.

For more information contact Bob or Doug Lovell on +44 (0)118 9786911 or email .

22 December 2011

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