Volpi IntraLED 3 lighting system is economical and compact

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Volpi IntraLED 3 lighting system is economical and compactStemmer Imaging is now supplying the economical and compact Volpi IntraLED 3 lighting system, which is characterised by its excellent light intensity, very good homogeneity values and long service life.

The IntraLED 3 LED light source features a light intensity of over 500 lumens, which is more than 30 per cent higher than the previous IntraLED 2020+ model. The typical colour temperature is 6000K. This excellent performance, combined with a service life of 50,000 hours and low running costs, makes the IntraLED 3 a very attractive alternative to 100W or 150W halogen light sources for machine vision applications. The maintenance-free design and substantially lower power consumption (maximum 55W at 24V DC) significantly reduce total operating costs. In addition, low heat emission means that the unit may not need to be cooled, or cooled as much as previous models. This gives indirect power savings and a further reduction in the user's CO2 footprint.

Intensity control is achieved either manually via the integrated RS232 interface (optional USB) or remotely via the multiport with digital and analogue input. The intraLED 3 is available in two variants compatible with light guides from Volpi and Schott-Fostec. The compact enclosure enables its use on a small surface and the M4 threaded rails on all four sides facilitate easy system integration.

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