Miniature linear positioning stages for precision alignment

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Miniature linear positioning stages for precision alignmentAerotech's new MPS75SL series miniature linear positioning stages are just 75mm wide and available in four travel ranges from 25mm to 100mm. Aimed at applications in assembly, test and measurement in industrial production environments where precision alignment is required, or in university laboratories or research and development centres, the small footprint and low-profile stage design is optimised with the latest generation of miniature 1mm pitch precision ball screws, high-resolution encoders and anti-creep crossed-roller bearings for ultra-smooth motion and reduced error. The MPS75SL is available in a choice of standard precision or with Aerotech's HALAR linear error-corrected certified precision. Standard precision is +/-4 microns, while HALAR calibrated accuracy is +/-1.5 microns for the 100mm travel version, with bidirectional repeatability of +/-0.75 microns. For motion control flexibility the MPS75SL is available with either a brushed DC motor or open-loop stepper motor, both offering a linear positioning resolution to 0.1 microns.

Although small in size, the MPS75SL has a 15kg direct load rating that allows a practical offset load factor thanks to the choice of crossed-roller bearings. This is particularly important for maintaining high stiffness in multi-axis configurations, which are made straightforward by direct carriage-to-stage body mounting for X-Y set-ups and optional right-angle L-brackets for vertical Z-axis mounting; breadboard mounting plates are also available for customer workpiece clamping. All multi-axis configurations are available in a choice of XY, XZ or YZ orthogonal precision to 5 or 10 arc-sec. Protective bellows are also available.

Meet the family

The new stages are a part of a complete family of MPS (Miniature Positioning Stage) motorised positioners that include linear, rotary, goniometer, and vertical lift and Z stages. Also recently launched, the MPS50SL linear stage has a similar construction to the larger MPS75 stage but its width is just 50mm with travel range of 25mm or 50mm. The motor and configuration options are also similar and the stage can be directly mounted to the MPS75 for even more space-saving potential.

As with many of Aerotech's precision positioning mechanics, the MPS range is available with optional high-vacuum preparation to 10-6 torr where modified materials, surface preparation, hardware venting, lubrication and other features can be provided for applications within vacuum chambers for manufacturing, inspection, and military/aerospace use

Aerotech can deliver complete motion systems assembled and fully calibrated with controllers set-up and ready to deliver results from the start. All equipment is fully documented with performance and calibration data, detailed operation manuals and wiring diagrams. Comprehensive technical support with optional training and on-site assistance further reduces commissioning time to ensure minimum customer learning curve and fastest time to market.

Motion controls that complement the MPS family include PC-based software-only or hardware-based rack- or desk-mount packages combining advanced motion and machine control commands that are designed to optimise performance, reduce set-up times, increase throughput and enable higher quality finished parts or test quality. A wide choice of programming options include RS-274 G-code, AeroBasic, IEC 61131-3, Microsoft .NET Framework and LabVIEW for varying levels of advanced software and analytical functionality. Contact Aerotech for more information about the new MPS75SL series miniature linear positioning stages and other hardware and software products.

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