NSK adds MECHATROLINK driver unit to Megatorque motor range

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NSK adds MECHATROLINK driver unit to Megatorque motor rangeNSK is adding a new MECHATROLINK driver unit to its range of Megatorque Motors. The Megatorque Motor is capable of compact, high-speed positioning and, combined with a MECHATROLINK function, it is able to achieve integrated control and high-speed synchronised operation using high-speed communication with multiple devices such as other motors and sensors via a MECHATROLINK network. It can therefore help to improve productivity and shorten start-up time.

Field networks are commonly used to reduce the amount of wiring between peripheral devices in order to achieve more advanced and sophisticated manufacturing systems. In recent years there has been an increase in the expectation for motion field network technology, which enables not only the peripheral devices such as sensors to communicate, but also the motors and actuators to achieve high-speed synchronised motion.

MECHATROLINK-III has the latest motion field network specifications with a communication speed of 100Mbps. This capability makes it possible to achieve high-speed synchronised operation and integrated control of multiple motors and peripheral devices. With it, users can take full advantage of the advanced positioning performance and compactness of Megatorque motors, which results in shorter equipment start-up time and shorter operation sequences for manufacturing processes, which leads to improved production efficiency.

Furthermore, this means a higher level of equipment integration is possible, and it makes equipment more valuable in terms of energy savings, compactness, and reliability.

Product features

  1. Multi-axis, high-speed synchronised operation made easy. The synchronisation delay between multiple motors is very low (transfer rate of 250us), which means high-speed, high-precision linked operations are possible. Combination with linear motion products makes it easy to achieve operations involving complex curved and spiral trajectories
  2. Advanced rotational operation by flexible control switching. It is possible to consecutively change the control mode between position, velocity and torque while in motion. There is no need to pause or wait for switching control modes
  3. Reduced wiring and improved communication reliability. Synchronisation signal wiring is integrated into the communication wiring. This means less wiring for greater integration. It also ensures secure communication for motion control so that the equipment itself achieves higher reliability and production quality

Major applications

  • Semiconductor and LCD panel manufacturing equipment
  • Electronics and automotive parts manufacturing equipment
  • Lithium ion secondary batteries (LIB) film and metal foil wrapping machines
  • Medical product packaging (PTP packaging) and food product


  • Improved productivity
  • High-speed synchronised operation of multiple motor axes
  • Precision torque control
  • Faster moulding feed times and faster precision positioning control

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