Two-in-one 375 PRI CHEK valve saves space and weight

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Two-in-one 375 PRI CHEK valve saves space and weightLee Products is introducing the 375 PRI CHEK valve that saves space and weight by combining the functions of two components into one easy-to-install insert.

This new combination valve weighs only 24g yet it provides good durability and a long operating life in systems with cracking pressures up to 5400psi. It features a rugged tungsten carbide ball and a 440degC seat while the remaining components are constructed from stainless steel. Maximum restriction in the free flow direction is only 220 Lohms.

Every Lee 375 PRI CHEK valve is endurance tested to 100,000 relief flow and 500,000 free flow cycles to ensure a reliable, consistent performance in demanding applications, such as aerospace, aviation and oil tools. For more information about the Lee 375 PRI CHEK valve, go to

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