8400 motec terminal box inverters rated from 0.37 to 7.5kW

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8400 motec terminal box inverters rated from 0.37 to 7.5kWLenze is extending its range of 8400 motec terminal box inverters so that power ratings from 0.37 to 7.5kW are now available. As with previous models, decentralising the frequency inverters instead of installing them in control panels enables machine builders to simplify cabling and installation.

The motec range can be mounted directly on the motor in place of the terminal box - or onto a nearby surface — thank to the inverter's IP65 protection. And as well as simplifying cabling, costs can be saved by using smaller control panels.

Lenze offers the motec range as drive packages comprising the frequency inverter, motor and, as appropriate, an in-line or right-angle gearbox. Two-, four- and six-pole motors can be specified, together with options such as brakes, fans and encoders.

Power can be connected to the motec units using unshielded cables, which helps further in cost reduction, and cable lengths can be minimised by looping the cable from one inverter to the next. The control connection can be from a simple AS-i bus, the more common industrial fieldbuses of Profibus and CANopen, or even by Profinet and EtherCAT real-time buses. Choosing the control bus is simply a matter of plugging in the appropriate communication module.

Performance of the 8400 motec inverters is dynamic but controllable with integrated PID control and options for sensorless or encoder feedback operation. The speed setting range is 1:24 when used with Lenze motors, and Safe Torque Off to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1 is integrated as standard. Also standard as an option that can be chosen from the free set-up software is the VFC eco energy saving feature. This reduces the magnetisation current in the motor under partial-load operation, and savings in energy usage of up to 30 per cent are possible.

Lenze says that the decentralised design of the 8400 motec inverters suits large machines where the reductions in shielded cabling are significant. They also suits machinery where panel space is not available.

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