Hoses for coldest conditions with high working pressures

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The new 472LT and 722LT low-temperature hoses from Parker Hannifin Corporation are engineered to work in temperatures as low as -70degF (-57degC) – the industry’s lowest temperature rating – while maintaining high performance, thereby helping to reduce downtime and increase productivity for machines that operate in extreme-cold environments.

Specifically designed, tested and field-proven for high-impulse, heavy-duty applications, Parker’s 472LT and 722LT hoses are suitable for mining, drilling and construction equipment found commonly throughout northern Canada and the Arctic Circle. They are also suited for snow groomers, side booms, snowmaking machinery and cold storage applications in general.

Immediately available in -4 to -16 sizes, the No-Skive, two-wire braided 472LT hose is rated for high-pressure applications that operate at up to 5800psi (40MPa), and uses Parker’s standard 43 Series fittings. Parker’s 43 Series fittings are offered in the a wide range of end configurations.

Rated up to 4000psi (28MPa), the No-Skive, four-wire spiral 722LT is available in a wide range of sizes (-6 to -24), and incorporates a patent-pending spiral reinforcement construction that provides longer life in heavy-duty applications compared with standard braided hose. It also uses Parker’s 43 Series fittings, as well as the 71 Series (for size -24).

These hoses can be crimped with Parker’s Parkrimp crimping system. Both hoses feature a half-bend radius, and are rated for applications with an operating temperature range of -70degF to 212degF (-57degC to 100degC).

The 472LT and 722LT are the latest additions to Parker’s low-temperature hose family that includes the 301LT, 772LT and 792LT. To learn more about Parker’s family of low temperature hoses for the coldest locations and hardest-working machines on earth, visit

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