Thread repair kit lets maintenance engineers reduce downtime

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Industrial parts supplier WDS is launching a comprehensive kit for re-threading holes in equipment, such as machine beds, pump flanges, castings, gearbox housings, bearing mountings, etc. quickly and at low cost, providing maintenance engineers with a fast and convenient way to reduce downtime and repair costs on machines and equipment that are out of action due to damaged threads.

Easy to use, and with no special engineering experience required, the WDS repair kit is supplied in a convenient carrying case that is compartmentalised for easy selection of drill bits, taps, insertion tool and wire thread inserts. The wire thread inserts themselves are manufactured from high-quality 204 stainless steel. They are supplied in five thread sizes: M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12. The first four sizes are provided in quantities of 25 off, and 10- off for the largest, M12, size.

Replacement thread inserts are subsequently available in packs of 10. Each thread size is available from stock and can be dispatched for next day delivery.

A WDS spokesman says: “The compact, light weight construction of our new 417 Thread Repair Kit means that it is convenient for maintenance engineers to carry around with them, enabling fast, efficient and reliable thread repairs to vulnerable equipment.

“The kit is simplicity itself to use. Just drill the hole to remove the damaged thread using the respective size drill bit provided. Then tap the hole through using the tap supplied. The wire thread insert is then screwed in using the kit’s insert tool. Then, once the insert is flush with the surface, the tang is broken off using the tool provided.”

In common with the majority of WDS products, the new 417 Thread Repair Kit is a stock item, enabling orders to be dispatched same day for next day delivery as standard. WDS products are available to search and specify in a new catalogue that is free to order in paper format, but can also be downloaded directly from the WDS website.

Designed to make purchasing a simple task, the catalogue includes dimensions and load capacity for each product as well as a price list that covers single to bulk ordering – WDS does not attach small order surcharges to any of its products, so customers can order as many or as few as they like. Next day delivery is available on all items thanks to 97 per cent availability on all WDS stock, covering tens of thousands of line items.

To find out more about the thread repair kit, or to download the catalogue, visit the website at

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