Hydraulic control system can be configured by non-experts

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Hydraulic control system can be configured by non-expertsRexroth is launching a new generation of IndraMotion MLC hydraulic control system, which is said to simplify cross-engineering. For connecting sensors and actuators, Rexroth relies on its bundled I/O strategy that is specially designed for highly dynamic applications. The hydraulic expertise that goes into interface configuration makes it possible for users with little knowledge of fluid technology to select and operate the necessary I/O components with a high degree of scalability.

Specific hydraulic drive design once required a high degree of technological understanding and application expertise. But Rexroth now offers new features with the IndraMotion MLC system for minimising the time and effort required for design and commissioning. The drive and control manufacturer neutralises specifics for the user through electrical components and software with integrated hydraulic application expertise. Rexroth's IndraMotion MLC equally controls – in both decentralised and centralised architectures – hydraulic, electric or hybrid axes. The control software comprises a wide range of predefined hydraulic control functions, so the parameterisation of motion profiles does not require any expert hydraulics expertise. Rexroth is now intensifying that simplification approach for the design and assembly of fast I/O in typical applications such as forming or metallurgy.

Rexroth's bundled I/O strategy gives users standardised interfaces that are specially designed for high-dynamic hydraulic applications. The I/O are available for up to four axes each as compact, cost-effective preconfigured block modules. The IndraControl S20 units enable maximum flexibility for expanding the system into individual steps. This means designers need no longer individually and autonomously construct and assemble interfaces for hydraulic drive systems; instead, preconfigured I/O modules meet all hydraulic-specific requirements such as short circuit and overload abilities. They perform position detection, pressure detection, and proportional servo valve activation activities in real time via a Sercos automation bus.

In addition, Rexroth's entire standard I/O line is also available for non-real-time communication and is supported by all common fieldbuses and Ethernet protocols. Universal I/O standardisation of connections using fine-scalable modules simplifies engineering for combined electric/hydraulic machine concepts.

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