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The Sercos International user organisation is announcing at Hannover Fair that it is releasing a powerful diagnostic tool for Sercos III automation bus networks, the Sercos Moniter, and offering it as a free download on the Sercos websites. The diagnostic tool allows a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the data traffic in Sercos III networks.

The Sercos Monitor supports the Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems and is based on the WinPcap interface. The tool allows both retroactive evaluation of stored network records in the pcap file format and an analysis of the network traffic in real time. A user-friendly interface plus overview functions for the typical features of a Sercos III network, such as topology, communications phases and service channel transmission, enable a fast and targeted launch of the analysis process. Experienced users are additionally provided with comprehensive protocol and analysis functions. Different views and filter mechanisms allow the customised evaluation of Sercos III real-time telegrams and other Ethernet telegrams based on the individual requirements of the user. Users can add additional functions to the Sercos Monitor via user-specific plug-ins, if needed.

Steinbeis Transferzentrum Systemtechnik in Esslingen, Germany, developed the Sercos Monitor in cooperation with numerous providers and users from the Sercos community. Prof. Reinhard Keller, Director of Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Systemtechnik, explains: “The Sercos Monitor supports the users of a Sercos III network in various ways. Service staff and system integrators can utilise a great number of tailor-made functions. The tool not only provides detailed information about the data that is exchanged within the network, but also presents it to the user in clearly structured and easily comprehensible units. This greatly facilitates troubleshooting in Sercos III networks.”

To find out more about the Sercos Moniter diagnostic tool for Sercos III automation bus networks, visit the website at

25 April 2012

SERCOS International (SI)visit website
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