USB thermal imagers detect even smaller changes in temperature

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USB thermal imagers detect even smaller changes in temperatureMicro-Epsilon is extending its range of thermoIMAGER TIM infrared thermal imagers with two new versions that offer improved image resolutions and can detect even smaller temperature differences. The thermoIMAGER TIM 400 and 450 thermal imagers are able to capture and store thermal video and images with very high optical resolution (382 x 288 pixels) at a full frame rate of 80Hz. The cameras are also equipped with new detectors that provide excellent thermal sensitivities of 80mK and 40mK, respectively. This enables the cameras to detect even smaller temperature differences. Claimed to be the smallest USB camera in its class, the TIM 400/450 weighs 320g (including lens) with dimensions of 46x56x88mm.

These new cameras come pre-calibrated with temperature ranges from -20 to +900degC with an option to extend this to +1500degC. The cameras are currently provided with 30-degree or 13-degree angle of view (aperture) lenses. The fully featured software, TIMConnect, which is included as standard, provides quick and easy set-up together with a range of software tools that enable the cameras to be used in R&D tasks as well as process control. Typical applications include automatic hotspot detection in process and quality control, R&D work, test cells and automated industrial environments.

Glenn Wedgbrow, Sales Manager at Micro-Epsilon UK comments: "This new range of cameras opens up a multitude of possibilities for thermal analysis of components and process control tasks. The 40mK thermal sensitivity of the TIM450 offered at less than £6000 – and the 80mK of the TIM400 at less than £5000 – represent significant price breakthroughs for IR video capture cameras.

"Compared to conventional infrared cameras, the new TIM 400 and 450 cameras offer more than four times the number of pixels, which means infrared images are significantly clearer and sharper. In addition, very small objects with surface areas down to just 0.8 square millimetres can be detected reliably. A frame rate of 80Hz also allows infrared images to be captured in real time, making it ideal for dynamic, high speed, fast moving processes."

Sealed to IP67, the TIM 400/450 thermal imaging cameras are robust enough to be installed in harsh industrial environments. The cameras can be equipped with optional accessories such as a water cooling jacket, which enables the camera to operate in ambient temperatures up to 240degC. Other options include a high-temperature USB cable, mounting flange and angled connector.

The thermoIMAGER TIM 400/450 is said to be easy to integrate with existing plant automation and control systems. The units are supplied with an integral process interface for input and output of analogue and digital signals (alarms, temperature values, etc). Open connectivity drivers are also provided for software integration via DLL, ComPort and LabVIEW, thereby simplifying connections to fieldbus networks and automation systems.

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