Ultra-compact pneumatic valve mounts close to actuator

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Ultra-compact pneumatic valve mounts close to actuatorInstalling pneumatic valves closer to actuators improves dynamic performance and reduces air consumption, but typical valves are too large and heavy for mounting close to the actuator in handling applications. Rexroth's new generation of extremely compact and lightweight Advanced Valve AV03 valve systems, however, give machine builders greater freedom to decentralise pneumatics to increase performance and efficiency.

Compared to the market standard, Rexroth has halved the weight of the new valves by using resistant high-performance polymers and by reducing the number of parts. Furthermore, the valves also reduce the space requirement by 45 per cent. This has been achieved by arranging the valve components at an angle, and by optimising the supply and exhaust channels to reduce flow losses. Users benefit from a flow improvement of 40 per cent, so they can lower the supply pressure and boost energy efficiency.

The new valve system also fulfils engineers' demands for customised automation. Starting with the second valve, the number can be increased step by step up to 40 single solenoid valves or 64 double solenoid valves. Today, more machine builders also implement different pressure zones in a single valve system to achieve further savings. The new valve systems offer up to ten supply plates for this purpose.

In addition to improving the energy efficiency, the new AV03 also fulfils expectations for simple engineering. Users can connect the valve systems electrically using multipole or fieldbus connections, with integrable I/O modules, depending on their configuration. Thanks to the option of directly connecting sensors to the valve electronics, far fewer cables have to be routed back to the control cabinet.

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