Continuous jacking system sets new standard for wind farms

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Continuous jacking system sets new standard for wind farmsBosch Rexroth’s new high-performance, continuous jacking system is claimed to be safer and more reliable, and ensures the effective installation and maintenance of wind farms. Through this development, Bosch Rexroth is setting a new standard for the future installation and maintenance of wind turbines at sea.

Bosch Rexroth has provided companies in the offshore and construction industry with advanced jacking systems for many years. Purpose-built integrated drive and control systems with a jacking force of 23,000 tons upwards are the result of application expertise, in-house development and production. Bosch Rexroth aims to meet modern demands through its new high-performance continuous jacking system.

The service life of a jacking system needs to be 25 years or more to withstand tough environmental conditions. In cooperation with certifying bodies and knowledge institutions, Bosch Rexroth has developed new standards and innovative solutions to tackle the problem of fatigue risks. The advanced control system is characterised by a tight control of accelerations, decelerations, parallel and opposite cylinder motions, smooth transfer of the high loads and an automatic four-quadrant process, in which the system automatically switches from leg-lowering to platform-lifting operation and vice versa. This results in a constant jacking speed of 1m/min and higher. In addition, specifically integrated features lead to more reliability, safer operations and a reduction of required power.

Rexroth jacking cylinders are equipped with CIMS (Ceramic Integrated Measuring System), which provides an accurate signal. This allows the control system to evaluate the status of the system in relation to the precision, motion pattern and levelling of the vessel or platform. The cylinder rods are protected by a ceramic coating which is suitable for harsh environment conditions.

Tight integration of systems

A modern operator will benefit from the tight integration of the jacking system to the crane, mooring, handling and sea fastening systems. This integration adds to the reliability of the vessel and to overall cost savings. Secondary controlled drive systems for the vessel crane combine high performance with reduced power consumption, occupied space and weight.

The software, cylinders, power units and control systems are designed and manufactured in-house. Systems are thoroughly examined by FMEA, simulations and shop tests. They are installed (with prefab piping) and commissioned on location by Bosch Rexroth experts. A robust lifecycle management programme ensures that all systems remain in top condition throughout their service life, anywhere in the world.

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