New four-lane PCI-X image capture cards available from Stemmer

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Stemmer Imaging is adding five new image capture card models from Datapath. All of these new cards are four-lane PCI-X capture cards with video bandwidth of 650MB/s.

There are many application fields for these video capture cards, such as medical technology, marine technology, broadcasting, entertainment, security technology and high-end video conferencing systems. A free manufacturer’s Software Development Kit guarantees simple integration into any application.

VisionDVI-DL is a single-channel card which supports Dual-Link DVI image capture, which provides sufficient performance for resolutions of up to 4k × 4k, thus enabling the capture of any currently available DVI source. Integrated DVI equalisers on the inputs support longer input cable lengths up to 20m.

The VisionSDI2 is a two-channel capture card for the latest 3G-SDI cameras. Supporting two simultaneous independent feeds, the VisionSDI2 is also compatible with SD-SDI and HD-SDI formats. Offering low latency and triple buffering for tear-free video, it is suitable for a range of real-time video applications. It is fully integrated with the Datapath family of video wall display products providing high-resolution digital video support.

VisionRGB-E1S and VISIONRGB-E2 cards provide one or two simultaneous RGB analogue or DVI digital inputs, respectively, and are capable of capturing most monitor signals. The Vision SD4-1S card provides simultaneous capture of one RGB/DVI/HD input and four SD inputs either composite or s-video.

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