Pre-stressing sets for piezoelectric force transducers

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Pre-stressing sets for piezoelectric force transducersHBM is launching a series of pre-stressing sets for its CFW piezoelectric force washers to simplify integration of the transducer into an application. Piezoelectric force transducers always need to be mounted pre-stressed and this could only be previously achieved by using and in-house pre-stressing element. This approach is no longer, necessary saving the end user time and costs.

The pre-stressing sets comprise a bolt, nut and appropriate washer. All parts are made of stainless steel to ensure permanently uniform pre-stressing and high resistance against environmental factors. The bolts and nuts have appropriate bolt pitches to set the pre-stressing force as precisely as necessary. The bolts are hardened with extremely good creep characteristics so that pre-stressing remains constant after installation.

HBM’s compact and robust CFW piezoelectric force washers are suitable for a range of applications, including presses, tool machines or in production monitoring. HBM provides a range of equipment for piezoelectric force measurements such as measurement leads, measuring amplifiers, data acquisition devices and software.

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