New intelligent touch panel for samosPRO safety controller

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Wieland Electric is launching an intelligent touch panel for use with its samosPRO safety controller that enables hardware faults and their causes to be detected and identified quickly, thereby simplifying the diagnostic process and reducing downtime. The complete samosPRO SP-VISUAL-SET display package contains a 3.5inch TFT touch panel, cable and USB stick with application software.

In the event of a malfunction or when maintenance work is carried out, it is important that diagnostic data can be quickly and easily read and processed. The high-resolution HMI communicates via the RJ45 or RS232/RS485 integrated serial interfaces and via 10/100BaseT Ethernet for Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP. It displays the current status of the machine with all the programmed safety functions, shows inputs and outputs, and manages alerts.

In the event of an alert, graphics are displayed to provide clear instructions on solving the problem. As well as showing the alert list, the device can also send emails to maintenance personnel. Thanks to the integrated web server function, users have global access to the configured data. A fully-functional example application has been programmed for the HMI device, which users can use to help them to configure the application quickly.

The QVGA 3.5inch TFT touch panel has a bright colour display with 65k colours and a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. It is connected to the samosPRO safety controller using the cable supplied. The display can be easily and quickly secured to the control cabinet without the need for tools by using the innovative 22mm single-hole fixing and mounting clips. It is also suitable for mobile use. A USB and mini-USB interface is available for a USB stick or a keyboard.

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