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easy800 control relay now offered with Smart Wire-DTEaton Electric is introducing the easy800 control relay with Smart Wire-DT. The easy800 family of smart relays (miniature PLCs) is being extended with the addition of two new devices that combine the features of the easy800 control relay with Smart Wire-DT, the connection and communication technology from Eaton.

Smart Wire-DT replaces hard-wiring by enabling up to 99 Smart Wire-DT slaves with over 160 inputs/outputs to be connected; with the new easy800 smart relays, a Smart Wire-DT system can be used for control and I/O on small or medium-sized machines or processes, though external communication via other networks enables such systems to be integrated within more complex systems. Both of the new smart relays come with a serial interface as standard for programming or connecting a remote display such as the Eaton MFD-Titan multi-function display.

The first device, the Easy802-DC-SWD, has two power supply inputs, one for supplying the device and the SW-DT slaves, and another for the 24V DC supply of connected contactors. The wide range of function blocks provided for easy800 controllers are also available, such as: multi-function timing relays, counters, text outputs, value inputs, seven-day and year time switches, P-PI-PID controllers, and maths function blocks.

The second device, the Easy806-DC-SWD, is equipped with all the functions of the first device but there are also four digital inputs (24V DC) for high-speed counter functions. It has a wide application range, regardless of whether it is used as a single-channel counter (up to 5kHz), frequency counter (up to 5kHz) or as a two-channel incremental counter (up to 3kHz). Two of the four inputs can also be used as outputs (transistor 24V DC, 0.1A); these are used to support the pulse width modulation (PWM) function blocks (up to 2kHz) for temperature controls. The pulse output (up to 2kHz) is provided for controlling stepper motor amplifiers. The function block can also be used for outputting a number of pulses at a freely selectable frequency. Like the other easy800 devices, the Easy806-DC-SWD is also provided with easyNet networking capability, which enables up to eight devices to be networked simply.

Smart Wire-DT benefits

Smart Wire-DT is designed as a powerful communication system, enabling switching devices - such as contactors, motor-protective circuit-breakers, pilot devices or digital and analogue inputs/outputs - to be connected quickly and simply. A gateway for connecting to Smart Wire-DT is unnecessary thanks to the Smart Wire-DT master being integrated within the control relay device. This enables users to access the complete range of functions and connect up to 99 slaves in the SW-DT line to a Smart Wire-DT master. All the necessary power supplies for the bus slaves as well as the 24V DC supply for the contactors are provided directly with the bus cables in an eight-pole ribbon cable. For each SW-DT slave a device plug is positioned on the ribbon cable, which is contacted with pliers and plugged onto the device.

During commissioning, users can view online and fully test both the status of the SW-DT communication system in its entirety and also the status of each individual slave, including all data, via a PC and the easySoft-pro software, which is claimed to make easy800 relays simple to program, even for users who have no specialist programming knowledge or experience. The functions of all slaves can be tested directly, simply and quickly. easySoft-Pro supports the entire range of Eaton's easyRelay control devices as well as the MFD-Titan multi-function display. Programming is implemented in ladder logic. All the known functions and components of easySoft-Pro, such as the complete simulation tool, the 16-channel oscilloscope or the documentation of the circuit diagram, are provided with a cross reference list. easySoft-Pro now includes SmartWire Assist for configuring external devices, so control systems can be drawn, configured, programmed and tested using just this one intuitive software package.

Numerous Smart Wire-DT products are available from Eaton, and Phoenix Contact is also adopting the technology. Already the company has launched an electric reversing starter that is compatible with Smart Wire-DT.

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