High-pressure micro solenoid valve for completion tools

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High-pressure micro solenoid valve for completion toolsMiniature component specialists Lee Products have developed a reduced diameter solenoid valve which will help oil tool designers meet the challenges of incorporating all the required components into the smallest space envelope. This new high-pressure micro solenoid valve has a maximum outside diameter of 0.550” (14mm) and will be particularly beneficial in the design of completion tools for oil wells where all the components have to be fitted into an annulus of the tool.

Today, a large majority of completion and intervention tools are self-powered so they do not need electrical or hydraulic power to be transmitted from the surface down hole on an umbilical cable. The power source is usually a number of AA size batteries (cells) and designers have to be able to package these power sources into the component. This means designers really want a solenoid valve to be no larger in diameter than these batteries, and this is where this reduced diameter valve is useful.

The combination of a reduced outside diameter with the largest possible inside diameter will enable operators to use a wider range of intervention tools, as well as increasing the flow rate of oil being produced. Also, like all Lee Products solenoid valves, this model incorporates the innovative MultiSeal.

This feature simplifies the port layout and allows total porting flexibility 360 degrees around the seal, without the need for O-Rings or anti-extrusion rings. The result is space savings, reduced machining costs and improved reliability compared with traditional sealing methods.

Lee Products’ solenoid valve is a single coil, 3-way, normally closed device, capable of operating up to 5000psid at a maximum voltage of 32V DC and typically flowing 0.12USGPM at 200psid, but could easily be designed as a normally open version. In order to maintain the same power delivered by the coil, the length of the coil has been increased to 68mm.

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