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New oil-injected screw compressor from Atlas Copco Atlas Copco is expanding its GX 2-5EP (2.2–5.5kW) oil-injected screw compressor range with the introduction of the new GX 7EP compressor. The new 7.5kW/10hp compressor combines reliability with high efficiency, and is capable of providing capacities of 14L/s at a 10bar working pressure. Suitable for small industries and automotive users, the GX 7EP is described as simple in control and operation, representing an economical option for companies seeking to invest in reliable oil-injected screw technology.

With the new GX 7EP compressor, users with a low compressed air demand are able to benefit from the reliability of Atlas Copco’s oil-injected screw element, in addition to low energy consumption and a reduced carbon footprint. The compressor also offers higher efficiency when compared with a piston compressor, as well as much lower noise emissions. Moreover, load/unload regulation, provides efficient regulation of the compressor output.

A compact design allows for easy installation into the workplace. GX compressors discharge their cooling air from the top, which allows for installation against a wall or in a corner. The GX 7EP is available in tank and floor-mounted variants and also as a space-saving Full Feature variant, with an integrated refrigerant dryer that will benefit small workshops by saving installation work and costs while delivering cool clean dry compressed air.

With the new GX 7EP in the newly expanded GX 2-7EP range, the GX family has a dual offer for 7.5kW, catering for different applications. The existing GX 7-11 range offers higher flows (16–27L/s), different pressure variants (7.5, 10 and 13bar) and the Elektronikon control system. This makes the larger range of oil-injected screw compressors suitable for applications demanding larger flows and longer duty cycles.

The new model adds a 14L/s variant to the range. With the benefits of a compact design, load/unload regulation and Atlas Copco’s proven oil-injected screw element, the new GX 7EP compressor promises to bring economical, reliable compressed air to small industries and workshops. For more information, visit the website at

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