New version of SafeCAD to customise safety systems

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SafeCAD is a plug-in program for AutoCAD that enables you to quickly and easily customise safety systems with Jokab Safety’s fencing system Quick Guard.

A simple sketch of the guarding system that is required is used as the program input. The positions of doors and hatches, choice of mesh, polycarbonate, aluminium/steel sheet or noise reduction panels are typed into the program. The program automatically generates 3D drawings along with component and cutting lists. These drawings are also used as the basis for assembly/ installation.

Jokab Safety has now released an updated version, SafeCAD 2012. The new release adds many new features for improved usability. SafeCAD 2012 works with Windows 7 and AutoCAD 2012. This new version is also updated with our new ABB article numbers.

SafeCAD can be downloaded from Jokab Safety’s website at You need AutoCAD to be able to use SafeCAD. Please note that you also need a licence key for SafeCAD (free of charge) which is obtained separately by contacting you local sales representative.

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