Compact charge amplifiers measure very wide force range

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Compact charge amplifiers measure very wide force range HBM has upgraded its CMA compact charge amplifier with five new measurement ranges enabling users to easily select the corresponding charge amplifier for every range. The measurement ranges now start from 1000pC for measuring very small forces and increment in ten stages up to 2 million pC for the measurement of very large forces.

The devices are delivered with two – 100% and 20% of the nominal (rated) force – calibrated measuring ranges and a calibration certificate. The CMA charge amplifiers can be easily mounted and are suited for demanding environmental conditions because they are electrically and benefit from IP65 protection.

Piezoelectric force measurement chains are indispensable in modern production plants for quality control and control processes. The advantage of using these devices is that the output signal of the sensors is a function of the applied measured force; it is independent of the measurement range. This makes charge amplifiers, where the measurement signal can be output as a voltage value, suitable for a wide range of loads.

Typical applications for piezoelectric force measurement technology are force measurement in machines or the monitoring of production processes. To find out more about HBM’s CMA compact charge amplifier, go to the website at

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