Molex expands Mini-Fit Portfolio and KK System

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Molex Incorporated is offering an expanded range of customisation, modification and extension (CME) capabilities on variations of its Mini-Fit product offerings and KK system of 'building block' connectors for small-pitch, high-current, high-density applications. CME versions of the Mini-Fit and KK interconnects feature multiple power, circuit count, configuration and size parameters for optimal flexibility in wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and board-to-board standard offerings, and blind mating applications in mid-range power products.

Corey Schroeder, a product manager at Molex, comments: "In an effort to better serve unique and dynamic customer specifications, our global product team has developed a full range of value-added customisations, modifications and extensions for the popular and proven Mini-Fit and KK power connector solutions. Depending on the application specifications, a customer's unique requirements can be achieved swiftly and economically, with only minor tooling modifications or alterations – and minimal to no tooling costs."

Mini-Fit CME capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Special polarisation to differentiate duplicate circuit sizes
  • Custom moulds for housings and receptacles
  • Longer tails for thicker printed circuit boards
  • Latch-less, dual-side latching, slide-n-lock
  • First-mate, last-break contacts
  • Custom panel mounts
  • Coloured housing

Suitable for power applications up to 13.0A per circuit, Mini-Fit interconnects are available in single-row or dual-row, 2- to 24-circuit options, with multiple plating and material selections. Other core attributes include an operating temperature of -40 to +105degC, fully isolated terminals, positive housing locks, low-engagement forces and polarised housings and receptacles. Mini-Fit product lines include Mini-Fit Jr, blind mate interface, compliant pin interface and H2O sealed connectors.

KK CME capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Offset entry holes provide 180-degree polarisation - power and signal in the same housing
  • Kinked PC tails for optimal solder contact to the printed circuit board
  • Longer tail lengths for thicker printed circuit boards
  • Polarisation keys and pegs ensure one-way mating
  • Moulded-in voids for extra polarisation
  • Customised pin lengths
  • Tin or gold plating

Versatile KK headers and receptacles enable thousands of configurations for applications with 2.50 to 5.08mm centrelines, with up to 13.0A per circuit and up to 600 signal voltage. The Molex KK portfolio includes solid and breakaway headers, PCB receptacles, housing and terminals.

Schroeder adds: “Billions of Mini-Fit and KK interconnects are deployed worldwide, delivering power reliability and performance in virtually every industry – from home appliances, automotive and medical devices, to datacom, telecommunications, networking and business equipment."

Mini-Fit products are UL recognised, CSA certified and TUV licensed. KK products are UL recognised and CSA certified. Molex interconnect components are lead-free and RoHS compliant. For additional information about Mini-Fit CME capabilities, go to For additional information about KK CME capabilities, go to

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