Triaxial accelerometer with low noise

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The Model 2445 is a single-ended output, three-axis accelerometer that operates over a temperature range of -45degC to +125degC. It combines three orthogonally mounted low-noise accelerometers, in a rugged case for measuring accelerations in commercial and industrial environments.

This low-noise module is tailored for zero to medium frequency instrumentation applications. The anodised aluminium case is epoxy sealed and is easily mounted via two #8 (or M4) screws. The design includes an instrumentation amplifier on each axis providing high drive capability and low output impedance. On-board voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference eliminate the need for precision power supplies. No power supply current flows through the OUTPUT REF wire; this high impedance input is used only as a reference for the acceleration outputs, which reduces cross-talk among the three channels by rejecting noise from voltage differences between the user's data acquisition equipment and power supply grounds.

The 2445 is relatively insensitive to temperature changes and gradients. An initial calibration sheet (2445-CAL) is included and periodic calibration checking is available. The unit is powered from -11V to 16V DC and is available in seven ranges from +/-2g to +/-200g.

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02 August 2012

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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