Illuminated IP65 keypad module with fieldbus communications

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Illuminated IP65 keypad module with fieldbus communicationsB&R is launching an IP65 keypad module with illuminated ring keys that features an ergonomic design and robust construction for use in tough industrial environments. With the compact dimensions of a mobile phone and IP65 washdown protection, this new control device can be used wherever it is needed on the machine. Its special hygienic design ensures cleanliness even in sensitive working environments such as those found in the foods, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

The keys can be illuminated in yellow, green, red and white and labelled as needed using legend strips. Fully homogeneous ring key illumination ensures an excellent signal effect, while tactile feedback provides an additional layer of operating comfort. And with three different designs, users can choose the one that best fits to the application's requirements.

This new keypad module offers communicative features while providing a versatile connection to open fieldbus systems. With its compact dimensions, this new control device also helps save valuable installation space. This is achieved by encapsulating the electronics on the back of the device, thereby eliminating the need for an additional protective housing. Single-screw mounting ensures quick and easy attachment, while standard M8 and M12 connections reduce overall costs even further.

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07 August 2012

B&R Industrial Automation Ltdvisit website
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