O.P.S. Optical Encoders can be customised

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Inmoco is introducing the MicroE Systems O.P.S. optical encoders, describing them as affordable, high-precision and customisable.

The encoders accommodate all the electronics within the sensor, rather than in a separate unit, which makes fitting them a single-step process and set-up is intuitive. Even with on-board interpolation and accuracy-enhancing electronics, the O.P.S. encoders are compact; as such, they are expected to find favour with OEMs and end users alike, particularly those whose applications are space restricted or require customisation.

Inmoco's O.P.S. optical encoder series combines a digital output resolution of up to 50nm, low cyclical error, fast-installing tape scale and dual optical limits along with the sensor's built-in status LED. OEM applications include CMMs, semiconductor equipment, linear stages, medical robots and scanners, and microscope stages, while end users will appreciate the advanced precision the encoders bring to virtually any application.

Ensuring exact positioning and velocity control, the O.P.S. encoders have a cyclical error of just +/-40nm. Similarly, resolution performance excels for precision motion applications: linear resolutions of 1um, 0.5um, 0.1um and 50um are available in the series, while rotary resolutions of 163k CPR to 3.3M CPR are offered.

O.P.S. is compatible with PurePrecision Tape Scale II and rotary glass scales. The same sensor works in both applications, thereby reducing inventory requirements for multiple axis machines.

The fast-installing adhesive-mounted Tape Scale II is obtainable with built-in optical index and limit marks that are within the 6mm width of the scale, which is claimed to be the most compact tape scale available, and achieving one-step installation. The tape is cut to length, with built-in or stick-on optical index and limit markers, while the pitch is 20um. Measuring lengths may be up to 30m. Rotary glass scales are available with or without hubs, and in arc segments.

Locating all electronics within the sensor enables connectors, pin assignments and cable lengths to be easily configured and customised for OEM customer applications. Aiding installation, alignment tolerances are a generous +/-2 degrees, while built-in separate left and right optical limits also speed up fitting. The advanced optical design and automatic gain control reduce sensitivity to dust, fingerprints and other contamination on the scale.

Considering their dual optical limits, wide alignment tolerances, built-in interpolation and a compact sensor only 8.9mm high, the MicroE Systems O.P.S. optical encoders can be described as both convenient and versatile. To find out more, visit

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