Upgraded easy-to-use automatic lubrication system from SKF

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Upgraded easy-to-use automatic lubrication system from SKFThe latest generation of SKF SYSTEM 24 automatic lubricators promises to provide a reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective way to deliver a continuous supply of quality lubricant to plant machinery components.

SKF SYSTEM 24 single-point automatic lubricators have helped customers reduce costly unplanned downtime and extend bearing service life for over 17 years. Improvements to the previous system include tool-free set-up, easily detachable batteries, improved dial readability, redesigned top ring for better grip, and a deactivation mode that is useful during maintenance.

These easy-to-install and use devices deliver premium quality SKF lubricant, and allow a large number of lubrication points to be covered in a cost-effective and reliable way. By removing the need for manual lubrication practices, the end result is continuous and optimum lubrication of machine components, even in applications subject to high levels of contamination, or in demanding, hard to reach, remote, and hazardous areas (the device is ATEX certified).

An ergonomic and easy-to-read dial allows the dispense rate to be set by hand, without the need for special tools, over a user-selectable time period of 1–12 months. And thanks to the comprehensive SKF DialSet computer program, iOS and android apps, the correct SKF SYSTEM 24 settings for the application can be quickly and easily determined.

The dispensing function and lubricant levels can be easily checked through the transparent container, and the new SKF SYSTEM 24 can be temporarily de-activated when machinery is not running, for example during scheduled maintenance.

Lubricant is available in two different volumes, 125ml and 60ml, and the batteries can be easily removed from the new SKF SYSTEM 24 after use, allowing the unit to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

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