Enhancements to Avago’s Versatile Link POF products

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Avago Technologies has announced the latest enhancements to their Versatile Link Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) product family. This product platform has become widely adopted in industrial communications and control links for industrial applications.

Avago POF products offer infinite voltage isolation and electromagnetic interference (EMI) immunity performance that exceeds what can be achieved with traditional copper cable standards. POF cables can weigh up to 75 per cent less then copper cables, while providing similar or better performance with a 50 per cent tighter bend radius at comparable cost.

Bernd Luecke, Director of Marketing for Avago Industrial Fiber Optic Products, says: “The enhanced Versatile Link POF product family is already an industry standard for robust industrial communications. The enhancements Avago has released now give designers more capability to integrate their designs and achieve lower cost without compromising on performance or circuit isolation.”

Designed for robust industrial networking applications, communications over POF offer key benefits versus copper-based implementations. Since optical fiber has no metal in its construction, the communication link has infinite isolation between nodes at the same time and since light is used to transmit the signals there are no effects from or creation of EMI on the transmission line.

There are additional challenges with copper cables, caused by the longer assembly time and labour costs due to the steps needed for cable prep (stripping multiple layers of insulation, tinning the strands, multiple wires to solder and terminate the foil shield). Testing an assembled copper cable is also slightly more complex than for POF, as copper requires tests for continuity, shorts, opens and breakdown voltage.

The new Versatile Link products from Avago deliver a durable low-cost option while also providing increased performance and easier designs. The product family offers system designers integrated digital logic (TTL) interfaces for both transmitter and receivers.

Integrated circuits within the Versatile Link components manage the translation from electrical-optical signals on both ends. These new products are the first Versatile Link parts to offer 3.3V and 5V power supply options.

All of the horizontal package devices are available now, and the two tilted package devices will be available within the next quarter. For pricing, contact your local Avago sales representative or distributor, and for further information about Avago fibre optics and the Versatile Link Plastic Optical Fiber product family is available online at

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