Wye Cylinders recommends igus polymer bearings

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Improved reliability, even in demanding environments, and maintenance-free operation are key benefits that have led Wye Cylinder Engineering, a specialist manufacturer of standard and custom hydraulic cylinders, to recommend the use of igus iglidur polymer bearings in conjunction with its products.

The bearings are most commonly used in a pivot point that provides an articulated coupling at the end of a hydraulic cylinder shaft. For a number of its customers, Wye Cylinder Engineering now supplies its cylinders with iglidur bearings already fitted, while for others it supplies cylinders with machined mounting points ready to receive an iglidur bearing at cylinder first assembly.

Phil Watkins, Engineering & Sales Manager of Wye Cylinder Engineering Ltd, says: “Some of our customers have found the iglidur bearings to be far superior to some other types of bearings they have used. They’re dry running, so they never need lubrication or any other form of maintenance, they can handle heavy loads without problems, they have extremely long working lives and they’re very competitively priced.”

He continues: “The iglidur products are very resistant to the effects of dirt and vibration, which is particularly important to us as many of our cylinders are used in demanding working conditions such as: a range of agricultural machinery, mini excavators, commercial and material handling applications to mention just a few where high levels of contamination are unavoidable. In addition, we get excellent support from igus – the company’s engineers are always ready to provide us and our customers with expert advice on product selection and applications.”

While Wye Cylinder Engineering uses an extensive range of iglidur bearings depending on the requirements of its customers; it most frequently uses plain sleeve bearings from the cost-effective general purpose iglidur G range. Available from stock in over 800 sizes, these bearings use igus advanced polymer technology to offer very low friction combined with outstanding wear resistance. Like all iglidur products, they require no lubrication and they operate reliably over a wide temperature range in even the harshest of environmental conditions.

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