Lee Products launches compact, robust, ultra-fine safety screens

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Lee Products launches compact, robust, ultra-fine safety screensLee Products is launching Catch-All Flange-Mount Safety Screens for protecting components and ensuring safety and optimum performance in critical fluid control applications such as those occurring in the aviation, aerospace, motor sport and oil tool industries. These new miniature safety screens integrate the next level of ultra-fine filtration into a rugged, compact, flange-mount design.

Lee Products' Catch-All Flange-Mount Safety Screens have a nominal hole size of 20 microns, so they provide protection for critical components with small flow passageways and clearances. However, despite their ultra-fine filtration rating, these screens are claimed to be very robust thanks to the combination of 316L stainless steel construction and a rugged, calendered and sintered stainless steel wire mesh weave that provides good strength.

The screens feature a seamless, one-piece design that contains radial convolutions that significantly increase the contamination-carrying capacity of the screen. The result is a high-strength screen offering optimum protection in a very small package. These screens are available in eight sizes, ranging from 0.130inch up to 0.656inch diameter. Furthermore, special designs are available on request.

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