SKF launches keyless bushings with zero backlash

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SKF launches keyless bushings with zero backlashSKF is launching a new range of keyless bushings that offer a perfect interference fit to provide true zero backlash. The new SKF FX Keyless Bushings complement SKF’s growing power transmission range, which the company claims is one of the most comprehensive available from a single supplier.

SKF FX Keyless Bushings provide a fast and reliable method of mounting bored components onto plain shafts, without the need for keyways, tapers or spines, saving valuable time during installation. Designed to create an interference fit with uniform pressure distribution, SKF FX Keyless Bushings offer true zero backlash installation and suffer from none of the problems associated with keyways and splines.

These new bushings enable engineers to reduce shaft size, weight, machining costs and installation time while improving accuracy and reliability. SKF FX Keyless Bushings are designed to secure gears, couplings and pulleys to a shaft using mechanical friction rather than using traditional keyways or splines, which weaken the shaft and necessitate the specification of a shaft that is otherwise larger-than-necessary.

SKF FX Keyless Bushings can also save time and money because only minimal machining is required to prepare the shaft; there is no need for sophisticated broaching or milling, which can significantly reduce production costs. The bushings also offer complete axial and radial adjustability, simple installation and removal.

The true concentric, tight fit made possible by SKF FX Keyless Bushings is achieved by two inclined planes working against each other. The tightening of a series of screws, or a single hexagonal nut, causes two steel rings with inclined serrations to be axially displaced. This forces one steel ring to expand in the component bore while the other ring contracts evenly around the shaft. The result is a near-perfect 360-degree grip on the shaft, eliminating shaft damage and the possibility of fretting corrosion.

SKF FX Keyless Bushings are made from high-quality steel, meeting SKF standards for precision and quality, and are available in 16 different designs, enabling machine designers to match the best bushing to the application.

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